Monday, 7 June 2010

run forest run!!

I've been in training for the Great Midland Fun Run, which was yesterday morning.
It was 8.5 miles, I ran it with my Dad and we did it in 76 minutes and it was tough!
I found it really hard, the sun was out and there wasn't much shade and more hills than expected! But we did it!!
A great achievement as when I started running I couldn't run more than 5 minutes without stopping as I felt so breathless! It's amazing how it builds up.

I'm really feeling it today...going up and down stairs are a problem!
I've signed up for a half marathon called Run to the Beat in September so the training continues...once the stiffness goes!


RahRah Repeats said...

Well done Beth, that's fantastic! You must be very pleased x

Fotf said...

Good for you Beth. I'm doing the 5k RFL in July, would love to jog it, been practising on the wii but the friend i'm doing it with recently had an op on her knee so i think i'll have to walk it but great sense of achievement when you finished so three cheers :)

lisa stubbs said...

Well done! what a great achievement! you must feel very well as sore!

About said...

thanks everyone...Am pleased but so so sore and have been warned it will be worse tomorrow! uh oh!

Good luck with the RFL Fotf!

Lauren Doughty said...

Well done Beth..... get some tiger balm on your sore muscles, works a treat! xx

Cally Johnson-Isaacs said...

Well done Beth, that's a great time!

I'm in training too (for the Great North Run in september). It really has amazed me that you can go from not being able to run 10 metres to soon clocking up the miles!

Nicola said...

Very well done Beth, My effort of running at the weekend wasn't quite as successful, but hey it was the first time so I will keep trying, but yes like you say once the muscle ache goes! xx

About said...

thank you, thank you and good luck Cally Jane...still a few month to fit in plenty of miles!

Yes Nik...def keep trying!

I've just spoke to my Dad to see if he's stiff too and nope he's not!! He's even playing tennis today!!


Nice one Beth, you must be well chuffed!! the furthest I have done is 5km and that sure hurt!! well done x


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