Friday, 11 June 2010

wedding memories

I think a lot of people like to nose at other peoples weddings....I know I do!
There's so many gorgeous wedding blogs about, (here and here for example)
Here's some snaps from our year ago this weekend!
Ahhh happy happy memories!

for more photos of our reception and stationery see previous post here
Our fabulous cake, decorated with fresh flowers by lovely friends Pol and Abbie.
Abbie also made the fabulous birds! Perfect!
All photos taken by the talented Josh Stocker


Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

I love your dress! The limbo looks fun :)

Sarah Wade said...

Aww your day look so beautiful. I am getting married in August this year, we are planning on having giant Jenga and a limbo also. Thanks for sharing, I also love seeing peoples wedding pics

Lucy Joy said...

wow beth looks so much fun and i love the pictures with the sun setting, GORGEOUS!! I'm getting married in 2 AND A HALF WEEKS!! eek!! whish abi was my friend so that i could have those amazing birds!x

I'm Beth Gunnell! said...

thank you certainly was a fun day! And all the very best Lucy Joy!


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