Monday, 21 June 2010

4 days to go!

yep it's finally here...well nearly! We'll be at the Glastonbury Festival in 4 days the glorious sunshine hopefully!!
We practised putting our tent up last night...its a pop up one and we some how managed to get it back in the bag after much viewing of the instructions video on youtube!
Here's a pic of our little Gary...making himself at home on our pile of camping stuff!
I don't think he'd like camping!


monda-loves said...

our little moggies always climb into the bags and suitcases when we are going away - like they might be able to persuade us not to go. sweet.
I've never been to Glasto, but it looks like you've picked a good year weather wise - which is a huge plus (we went to bestival a couple of years ago and it was raining and windy the whole time - everything was caked in mud!).


Unknown said...

Have a great time. I went about 5 years ago was brilliant. As well as the brilliant bands check out the fortune tellers they are always interesting!


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