Wednesday, 12 January 2011

my first book illustrations....

I was so so delighted to received the samples through from Buster Books
last week for Girls World!
I've always wanted to get into a bit of book illustration so I was delighted when I heard from the Buster Books team regarding the Girls World project!
Its just the kind of book that I would loved when I was a youngster
and was a real pleasure to illustrate!

For Girls World, me and two other artists have illustrated numerous pages that the reader/doodler can complete and colour in themselves.
The book isn't released until February 3rd, so look out for a blog post in early
Feb for a peak of what's inside!

It is available to pre-order here.


Yellow Doodle said...

Congratulations Beth! looks great! I am looking forward to see some more of it when its released...

RahRah Repeats said...

Oh Beth! It looks fantastic!! Good work xxx

Nicola said...

wow! How cool does that cover look! well done Bethdoodley-oodles xx

Rosalind Wilson said...

Wow that's fab! I'm always buying these doodle books for my daughter (and me!) and I am very envious of you getting to illustrate one! Well done and I'll def get on when it's out!


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