Tuesday, 26 January 2010

New York Gift Fair

My greetings agent is off to the New York International Gift Fair this week so yesterday morning I adapted some of my designs to more tableware type product, plates, napkins etc etc.
I think the tablecloth is my favourite out of this set...shown in the background with the yellow present border.

Monday, 25 January 2010

New Mac and new work to follow!

I'm really excited to work on my new MacBook this week for the first time...it is very sparkly and beautifully designed...I don't think I can expect any less from Apple!

Not posted any new work for a while but with work needed by my greetings agent for the Spring Fair there will be some to show you soon!!

lost and found

Oh its been crazy the last few days!
On thursday Gary our cat didn't come home!
I was gutted he always comes home and is never gone for more than a few hours.

Although it maybe seen as a little premature I went on a flyering campaign the next day/Friday! (a good job my deadlines were over that week!)
It has been so so worrying, I didn't realise how distressing and upsetting it was to lose a pet!
We did more flyering on Saturday, posters up in local shops, pubs and post offices.
Then Sunday morning, the 4th day of missing Gary...by which time I was managing to gain some kind of perspective on the situation...things could be a lot worse...People have had their lives wrecked in Haiti...we've only lost a cat!
He just walked in through the bedroom window!!
We couldn't believe it! We were so so delighted! Hoorah!
What a fantastic end to the weekend!

We reckon he must have been trapped somewhere...he was very hungry and playful!
Ate 3 days worth of food all at once!

Monday, 18 January 2010

A Walk in New York

I do like a children's book now and then for lovely illustration inspiration.
This book caught my eye in the Tate Modern bookshop last week and couldn't resist buying it.
Its by an illustrator called Salvatore Rubbino, click here for more info and click here if you fancy buying this book.
As well as being a good story, with New York City facts included
(did you know that the ground under Greenwich Village is too soft to build skyscrapers on!?),
the illustrations are really wonderful with great use of colour and a charming hand drawn feel.

Friday, 15 January 2010

A blog award for me!

I had a lovely message earlier this week from Charlotte of Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics as she's awarded me a sunshine award along with 11 other blogs that she likes to follow.

The award is for bloggers who's creativity and positivity inspires others which is all very nice.
Thanks Charlotte!

Charlottes blog is a good blog to check out with a lovely mix of personal goings on, as well as ceramics and recipes! I love a good recipe!

There's a shop too...click here to see a lovely range of ceramics.
Think these brooches are my favourite....

a day off to see a show!

Me and my dad went to London for the day yesterday for his christmas present. We had such a lovely day, the morning spent wandering along the southbank, with a visit to the Tate Modern.
The bookshop in the Tate is fantastic, I could certainly spend an hour or two there.

They have a big installation there at the moment by Miroslaw Balka called The Unilever Series.
You're encouraged to walk into this huge contained space of pure darkness! We were wimps and didn't brave it further than about 5 metres!

In the afternoon we went to the Victoria Palace Theatre to see the Billy Elliot Musical. It was truly fantastic, a real emotional rollercoaster with such great performances from the cast. A wonderfully thought out production...the best my dad had seen so he said!

So a lovely day and good christmas present for my dad I think!
Now back to work!

Monday, 11 January 2010

icy UK!

look what happens when you put a magnifying glass over a recent satellite picture of the UK!!
he he! Its me all wrapped up and looking a little bit like a child in my daft hat!

Thursday, 7 January 2010

snow creations from days gone by!

this is last years snowman and snowcat!
I remember being proud at the time, it was quite tall!
I'm hoping to get chance to do a much better creation this year!

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Gemma Correll's daily diaries

I love love love this blog I've just discovered, its the illustrated journal from Gemma Correll.
The humour and images are just great.

Gemma has some fun items in her Etsy shop. I was kindly given the below 'you are my favourite' print as a print last year and it has a good spot on my gallery staircase wall!

Snow day!

With lots of school and work places closed today its a snow play day for many!
We seem to be having a proper winter!
The world certainly seems to look prettier with a sprinkling of snow
and to me it seems to bring excitement to the air!
Maybe I wouldn't be so excited if I had to travel in it!

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

new range instore now!

Here's a selection from a new range called Life on the Road
that I designed the print and embroideries for.
This was a really nice range to work on, I think the colours have come out great.
And yet again the talent that is the
Mamas and Papas design team have done a lovely job of designing the garment shapes.

Now on sale both online and instore at Mamas and Papas.

See here and here are some ranges that I worked on for Mamas and Papas last year.

all copyright is owned by Mamas and Papas

Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year

2009 was a such a fantastic and happy year for me, a year hard to beat!
I gained a lovely husband, had a fantastic wedding with all my loved ones around, moved into a new home, got a cat and an iphone!
What more could I surely want!? a year of contentment.
All sounds a bit smug I know but it is a year that I look back on very fondly!

Now for 2010! Lots of things to look forward to and share!

One thing that I'm very exciting which should be released within a few months is the Print Pattern Book. I'm often very inspired by the PrintPattern blog so I feel very fortunate to have my work included in the official book, along with friend and fellow designer Rachel of RahRahRepeats.


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