Monday, 16 August 2010

Holiday time!

Hooray!! Hooray!! I'm off on holiday! I've decorated my feet with some more henna after the success of last time!
I'm really looking forward to having a break as its been a while!

We're off to Krakow, then catching a sleeper train to the coast where we'll be staying in Sopot for some relaxing beach time after our krakow sight seeing!
Then a flying visit back to Nottingham before heading to the Edinburgh Fringe for a couple of nights with my super friend Charlene!
I've got some new work starting the first day I'm back from holiday so its going to be nice to have a new start to look forward to on my return! :D
Have a good couple of weeks everyone!

1 comment:

VixenLily said...

looks really awesome, im envious, have a great time!


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