Friday, 23 July 2010

I love henna feet!

Here's my latest foot decor!
A better attempt than last time I think....see here for my Glastonbury feet!
I bought a new tube of henna from Ebay which is less orangey and more brown,
just how I like it!!
I don't think I could ever decide on a design that I'd like as a real tattoo so henna is perfect for an indecisive me!

Time for the weekend! I've got friends coming to stay and a trip to the circus with my husband on sunday...hopefully tied in a visit to gbk! A perfect weekend...can't wait!
Have a good one everyone!


Jane Wilson said...

i love your feet? how did you do that? i need to know!

About said...

thanks Jane! If you type in 'Henna cones' into Ebay there's lots to choose from...I recommend the handmade cones, I'm not sure how to be certain to get the brown paste rather than the orange though!
You just snip the end of the cones and squeeze the paste out onto your skin in a pattern, leave on til it drys then wash off. I leave it on for a few hours or more...I think the longer you leave it one the longer it stay on your skin.
Try it! Its one of the reasons I love flip flop weather!

Jane Wilson said...

thanks beth! i love flip flops too! i really can't stand anything on my feet. they are much happier naked! i once turned my toenails into slices of watermelons. toenails are the perfect shape for doing that! i should have taken a picture!

lisa stubbs said...

Oh they look fantastic! my girls would love to do that...although I don't know if they could wait a couple of hours for it to dry!...very impatient! have a fabulous weekend with your lovely feet!:)

VixenLily said...

looks really good, i will be giving it a go, but might wait till summer here. At least ill have some time to practice :)

Anonymous said...

They are fab! You must have had so mch patience. I struggle to keep still enough to paint my toenails but I do love wearing flip flops!


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