Monday, 18 January 2010

A Walk in New York

I do like a children's book now and then for lovely illustration inspiration.
This book caught my eye in the Tate Modern bookshop last week and couldn't resist buying it.
Its by an illustrator called Salvatore Rubbino, click here for more info and click here if you fancy buying this book.
As well as being a good story, with New York City facts included
(did you know that the ground under Greenwich Village is too soft to build skyscrapers on!?),
the illustrations are really wonderful with great use of colour and a charming hand drawn feel.


Sophie.J said...

Just stopped by to say Hi!

lisa stubbs said...

Oh thanks for the recommendation, we bought quite a few books when we went to the tate shop in summer but I didn't see this one, looks fantastic! thanks!

lisa stubbs said...

We've got the book on your recommendation, and I read it to Sonny last night, he loved it! gonna read it again tonight to the girls, and post about it next week! Thanks again!


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