Monday, 1 June 2009

my super duper hen do!!

I have now returned and recovered from my fantastic hen do in London!
My best friend and bridesmaid Charlene superbly organised the weekend, she did
such an excellent job, really couldn't have been better!
I made these badges for all my hens to wear on the friday night so everyone knew
who was who, we stayed in for the night and ate and drank! I had a Mr and Mrs quiz (which
I was relived to get the majority right!!) and charlene made me a slideshow video! :D
We all went on a duck tour round London in the sun on Saturday then headed
back to our great apartments to get ready for a
Guilty Pleasures club tropicana 80s beach party at Kokos in Camden.
Oh it was great! felt like a very lucky lady to have such super friends!
Now for the wedding!!!

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