Thursday, 30 January 2014

My first artwork kiss!

I had to share this lovely moment from yesterday! 
(though I know some of you may well be rolling your eyes.... baby photos! again!!)

 I started drawing Bertie some pictures of animals yesterday 
(on a bargain I picked up from B&M called an 'iboard'!
and he wanted to kiss them! 
 It was just wonderful... brought a tear to my eye! 
Probably more so too as he's one and the weekend and I'm feeling all sentimental!

Here's some photos of him in action.... just too cute!
If only everyone I designed for loved my artwork this much! ;D


Julie Clay Illustration said...

That has got to be the best sort of appreciation ever, it is vey cute! :) No more reward necessary.

lisa stubbs said...

I'd never role my eyes Beth, Bertie is such a cutie, enjoy all the magic moments xx


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