Thursday, 15 March 2012

Wacom Inkling....second attempt

Well this is more like it! I should have watched this video before.
I'm not very good with instructions when I'm excited about something...I just want to get on with it!
From watching the video I realised I was holding the pen too far down therefore
blocking the sensors. This quick little doodle is far better and more like
what I was thinking I would be achieving from the Inkling!

Despite my initial disappoint I must say the inkling is very well packaged, it all fits
into a small rectangular box making it very transportable and it is easy to
set up and use with your Mac
(I can't comment on PC usage due to lack of PC experience).
It is literally just a matter of plugging in the sensor once unclipped from your page,
opening your sketch, click a button and it's in illustrator! Amazing!!

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