Thursday, 8 March 2012

International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day!
A day to think about women all over the world and remember that women
are of huge huge value to each and everyone of us!

Last friday I had the pleasure of exhibiting at an Abimaro and the Free gig
(which was brilliant, they are hugely talented. Look out for their Ginger Tea tour in East London soon!)
that served the purpose of raising awareness for International Women's Day.
I exhibited this print along with wonderful artwork from Lakwena Maciver, Alia Ahmad,

Here's the print I created....
This was quite a challenge for me as I haven't worked towards an exhibition for about 8 years!
But it gave me a chance to give a piece of artwork more personal
thought rather than thinking solely of a customer.
I took inspiration from an old proverb and hopefully this piece acts as a reminder that women are precious!
Precious for so many reasons which can be easily forgotten in society today when so
often the main emphasis is on the way women look.
Women are full of love, compassion, loyalty, kindness as well as being industrious with many skills...creative and otherwise, that can be taken for granted and overlooked by others.
To me it's not about girl power and being better than man....
it's about valuing ourselves and hopefully others will follow!

I stupidly didn't take any picture of it frames so my brother took this phone pic.
I added some little extras to the print...

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