Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Wacom Inkling

Well it's arrived...after ordering 3 months ago!
All thanks to Jigsaw24.
Very exciting!
When I first heard about the Inkling it felt like it was everything
I'd been waiting for, I was so looking forward to getting one!
I love sketching and to be able to sketch with a proper pen then upload the image
onto my Mac and edit away was beyond all my daydreams!

Now I've started to experiment I can't help but feel a little disappointed,
I knew it wouldn't be 100% accurate but my first attempts are not useable at all.
But I still have hope...I have watched this video and
I think I may be holding the pen in the wrong position.
I am planning on keeping you all up dated with my progress with the new Inkling.
Hopefully in time and with practise it will become the tool of dreams!

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Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing x


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