Thursday, 2 September 2010

holiday snaps....from Poland

Time for some holiday snaps....we started off in Krakow, a lovely city with plenty to see including a castle where they were kind enough to make a 'B' just for me! ;)
We made a couple of days trips, including to Auschwitz
(which was shocking, harrowing, upsetting...I certainly wouldn't go again but I'm glad I've been, I felt it was important to go)
and a huge salt mine which was impressive in parts... but mainly a little dull like a bad school trip....the photo below is a church made totally of salt, including the floor and the chandeliers!
I tasted a wall and it was salt!
They were celebrating 100 years of scouts in Krakow while we were there....
I've never seen so many scouts! I think a gathering of scouts is called a Jamboree!
We got speaking to a local who told us it's quite cool for teenagers to be scouts in Poland!
We then headed up to the coast on a sleeper train...which was a fun experience. Our cabin was very basic but I really enjoyed waking up in a new place! Especially as the sun was out!
Ed was expecting it to be a little bit like the Orient Express!
I really don't know where he'd got that idea as he knew how cheap it was.
He'd even brought a tie with him for the restaurant carriage! ha ha!

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miss pixie said...

I am loving seeing a bit of Poland through your eyes I have always wondered what it was like, great, thanks for sharing some of your experiences x


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