Thursday, 15 July 2010

Fab Vs Nobbly Bobbly

Now here's an important debate!! Fab ice lolly Vs Nobbly Bobbly!
Fab has always been a firm favourite....but this week I've discovered Nobbly Bobbly's are better! What's your top pick at the ice cream van?



This may have changed my life...I LOVE a good fab but have never been a fan of the chocolateyness running out...I will eat a nobbly asap x x x

Lauren Doughty said...

need 2 try a "nobbly bobbly" me thinks!!!

monda-loves said...

It's got to be a feast, surely. mmm feast.
Have you tried crunchie ice cream? It's heavenly, as ice cream goes.


Pocketful of Patterns said...

A nobbly bobbly??? I've not seen one of those before...

I'd have to say it's gotta be two for me; depending on what mood I'm in - if it's chocolate I'm after then it's GOT to be a Feast, but, if I want a fruity fix then it has to be a TANGLE TWISTER!!!

Mmmm...mmm.....mmmmmm! ;D

About said...

yes do try a nobbly bobbly....they're very good!
I think I need to try a crunchie, had a fruit and nut one this morning and it was disappointing!


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