Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A lovely weekend

I really enjoyed my weekend...despite it kicking off with a whole friday night of house cleaning!
My friends arrived on Saturday and we went on the rowing boats on the lake by the university in the sunshine, followed by an lovely evening of sangria, tapas, cocktails
and daft dancing! the best kind!
A fry up went down a treat the following morning!

Once I'd waved my friends off...me and my Ed headed to GBK for tea and then onto see Saltimbanco by Cirque Du Soleil!
it was fantastic!

Talking of the circus....not as flamboyant as Cirque Du Soleil but still very entertaining,
here's some pics from the circus tent at Glastonbury this year....
This crazy man got right inside this giant ball! It was all very clever! I'm not sure how he managed to breathe in there...
or how when he burst it at the end he ended up dressed like Elvis!!!

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Casey said...

So that's wear he's been hiding...



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