Friday, 6 May 2011

my new book!

Its great to at last be able to share this with you....
the Pretty Patterns Colouring Book that I have worked on with Buster Books.
It was really lovely to work on this book... and am currently in talks about a follow up!
watch this space!
Pretty Patterns is available to purchase here

Have a lovely weekend everyone...I'm off to Cadiz in Spain to see my lovely old
friend, Louise get married! I can't wait!


Unknown said...

Great book. Well done... have fun in Spain. Spanish weddings are fantastic..

Chiara Fiorentino said...

Beautiful work! :)

victor fox said...

wow wow wow wow thats so fantastic beth well done!
It looks absolutely gorgeous!
You must be super proud!!!
Clare xx

Abigail Brown said...

ahhh!! You talented wonder! It's beautiful well done Beth!

Anna said...

ooo just love this, fab work!!

Anna x


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