Monday, 3 May 2010

MAC, Birmingham

I love Bank holidays!
Its been a lovely one with lots of catching up with newly engaged friends
and hearing about wedding plans!
The weekend kicked started on friday with pizza and a trip to the European Gymnastic Championships at the NIA in Birmingham.

The MAC (Midlands Art Centre) re-opened after a huge re-vamp on Saturday
so me and my dad went along.
Its certainly transformed, bigger and better than before with lots to offer, inc theatre, exhibitions, gigs, arts courses etc etc. Certainly worth a look if you're in the area. Another reason to visit is that its based in the very nice Cannon Hill Park.

The only thing I felt was missing from the new MAC was a shop...a lovely book shop would be perfect there. A Magma shop would be perfect!

1 comment:

lisa stubbs said...

sounds great will have to take a look:)


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