Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Baby Scrapbooking Collection

Scrapbooking seems to be such a huge business these days, especially in America.
Here's some designs of mine that have been used to create a collection for scrapbooking company, Momenta. Click here to see the rest of the collection.

and these are a couple of the original designs that Momenta created the Baby collection from.


Christina Song said...

i'm a huge fan of scrapbooking!!! i'd love to use these for a baby shower

victor fox said...

Hey Beth,
I came across your work randomly blog hopping and love it!!! I used to design for a scrapbooking company called Kaisercraft, so I understand how difficult it can be sometimes, as its such a specific market! I am a graphic designer/ illuistrator from Victoria, Australia and just love your work!
Glad to have come across your work!


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