Monday, 25 January 2010

lost and found

Oh its been crazy the last few days!
On thursday Gary our cat didn't come home!
I was gutted he always comes home and is never gone for more than a few hours.

Although it maybe seen as a little premature I went on a flyering campaign the next day/Friday! (a good job my deadlines were over that week!)
It has been so so worrying, I didn't realise how distressing and upsetting it was to lose a pet!
We did more flyering on Saturday, posters up in local shops, pubs and post offices.
Then Sunday morning, the 4th day of missing which time I was managing to gain some kind of perspective on the situation...things could be a lot worse...People have had their lives wrecked in Haiti...we've only lost a cat!
He just walked in through the bedroom window!!
We couldn't believe it! We were so so delighted! Hoorah!
What a fantastic end to the weekend!

We reckon he must have been trapped somewhere...he was very hungry and playful!
Ate 3 days worth of food all at once!


Pocketful of Patterns said...

Ahhhhhh Beth - what a lovely photo; SO glad your little Gary man came home in the end x x x

theMillieDog said...

Shouldn't Gary Cat be looking a bit happier too?!

Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics said...

aww bless, glad he came home safe, I can imagine the feeling! I lost my kitten Molly after only having her a week. We were sure she had got out of the front door but she was hiding under the bed the whole time!

monda-loves said...

oh poor Gary, it is such a worry when your moggies don't come home. You are their surrogate mother after all, and what mother wouldn't worry if her kids were missing?
Hooray for the return of Gary!



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