Monday, 2 November 2009

more pumpkins!

two more pumpkins! One cheeky, one evil!
There was lots of scary folk about on saturday night...
think pumpkins are the best thing about halloween for me!
I loved carving these, I found my old lino tools from school so they helped a lot!
Got me thinking about lino cutting again so watch this space!

On with work now...has been a very lovely weekend, full of family visitors,
would be so much better if we all lived closer.


lisa stubbs said...

your pumpkins are fantastic!
I'm doing a lino cutting course next month, I'm really looking forward to hopefully I'll be able to do some fab pumpkins like you next year!!

anna wadham said...

wow what amazing pumpkins! :)

Polly Rawlings said...

Looks like you had fun beth- they're fab!


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