Tuesday, 3 November 2009

instore at Tesco.....2008

this was a little while ago now...Spring 2008 I think....
but I was so delighted to see this range of products with my designs on in Tesco.
The artwork was on photo albums, giftbags, gift wrap, pens, erasers,
pencils, rulers, notebooks, folders...
I spend way too much but just couldn't resist!
I've popped the original designs in the background. Doesn't show too well in the pics but the colours turned out really well on all the stationery and other products. Thanks Tesco!! :D


Evangelina Prieto said...

Your work is amazing, so cute, so delicated, I love your designs and colorful.
I'll be back

Helen Pickup said...

How cool! I actually bought the green floral folder, now I can say I know who the artist is, lol.

Beth Gunnell said...

ah that's great to hear! the green floral one was my favourite! :D


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