Thursday, 31 May 2012

God Save Our Queen....

Well firstly a big thanks to Queen Elizabeth II for giving us an extra day off to 
enjoy this weekend! Mine will probably be spent working but still it will be a relaxed day!
Here's a picture from my visit to London on Tuesday....all looking very patriotic on Regent Street.

I know people have very mixed views about the Royal Family...but I see this weekend more as a time to appreciate the positive things about being British and living in the UK.
I know there are many lows, so many people are really struggling here, 
politicians bicker like they're in a playground and the media constantly lies to us.
but to risk sounding really could be a lot worse! 
For so many people in the world, everyday they don't feel safe, 
they put up with an extremely corrupt government, no available health care or education.

You can't choose where you're born and I feel lucky to be British, really lucky.  
To live in a relatively safe country where I've had countless opportunities, 
education, healthcare, clean water, heating and much much more!
(Like Marmite, fish and chips, the Beano, sports days, the seaside and cornish pasties!)

I'd love for you to comment with what you love about being British!
Rose-tinted glasses or not, it's weekend to be thankful!

Here's some character artwork I created for George@ASDA.
It's available in-store now or here online for any little girls out there for only £2!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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