Friday, 18 November 2011

Pinterest Addict!

I'm aware Pinterest is old news for many...and I've been a member for a little while now
but only over the last few weeks have I actually started using it.
There's so much to see, smile at, be inspired by, cook, read etc etc!
I see it as creative and productive Facebook!
Though I'm sure anything is more productive than Facebook!

Here are some of my pins and if you'd like to follow me here's my link....

1. Embroidered car from here
2. I am now growing my hair for this reason...Gaga but better!
3. Love the colour and designs see more here
4. Cute charactes....from Happy Doodle Land
5. perfect breakfast treat from Martha Stewart
6. cutest monkey ever


Unknown said...

i joined it not to long ago myself and it is rather addictive-so much lovliness!

monda-loves said...

I'm addicted too - its such a great way to collect all your favourite images in one place. Hurrah for Pinning!


aah the monkey!! hope you are well x


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