Sunday, 5 June 2011 time to relax

We're off to Spain this evening and I can't wait! We will be staying with my mother-in-law
(who has been asking about our food preferences over recent weeks so I have nice feeling we will be spoilt!) for 5 days near to Murcia.
Really looking forward to all that sunshine and sea air!

It's been a really really busy year so far, lots of work and lots and lots of weekends away due to weddings, christenings, hen dos etc etc. All super fun and very special and memorable times have been had but its going to be lovely to go away for no other reason but to be lazy and Mac free. To awake without an alarm and my only decisions being what to eat and whether to go to the beach or pool! I'm very excited!!

Have a really good week everyone, I hope the sun continues for you all in the UK.


Unknown said...

Have a lovely time, lazy holidays are the best!

victor fox said...

oooooooh you lucky thing! well enjoy yourself and enjoy that sunshine. Think of me in the freezing weather with my scarf wrapped around my head and drinking 1.5million coffees to keep warm!
Clare x

lisa stubbs said...

have a totally fantastic time and bring lots of sunshine back with you!:)


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