Thursday, 6 January 2011

new year....

.....2011 has arrived!
And its sounds a little annoying I know! but I feel so lucky to
feel so blessed and positive going into this year!
Lots to be happy about and to look forward to this year!

I have 7 weddings for a start!
My brother, sister in law and some of my best friends are getting married
(not to each other!)
...I'm going to be bridesmaid twice and I really cannot wait!!

I have lots of exciting plans buzzing about in my head work wise as
well as new projects lined up! I will certainly keep you posted!

I really hope you've all got something to look forward to in the year ahead
and you have a superb 2011!!

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Hey Beth, I am loving the positivity and exciting to have lots of ideas and joyous occasions to look forward to, bring on the JOY!! :)


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