Friday, 19 November 2010


....perfect treat for a friday!
I've been doing a little packaging design, here's a little pic of a chocolate box
which I designed the artwork for.
They're available when you purchase a lovely bunch of flowers from
Bunches, a super flower by post company who come highly recommended....see here

Well what a week its been....I've finished my second book deadline for Buster Books, which I will be sure to share with you when I can, there is good news for a change in the media....the Chandlers are home and there's to be a royal wedding...bring on the extra bank holiday, and our cat Gary swallowed a polystyrene packaging wotsit whole!

Have a super weekend everyone....check out this wonderful heart warming video's wonderful!


Lucy Joy said...

lovely colours!

suzyspellbound said...

Thanks Beth...I needed that video today! And the flowers and beautifully wrapped chocs are a bargin...that's christmas sorted!LOL


Hey Beth there you are, I knew you would be busy on something fabulous!!
The video has just put a big grin on my face super duper, have a good one XXX

monda-loves said...

oh that's so pretty - a really lovely palette


P.S. I love your cats name. When our cat had kittens we called one of them Colin. We were so sad when he had to go to a new house and they renamed him :o(

Abigail Brown said...

Beautiful Beth!!!! Really pretty design and beautiful colours


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