Tuesday, 13 April 2010

3 wishes...

If I had a genie lamp to rub today I would wish....
1. that I could run 12k in 1hour 15minutes! (I'm in training for a 'fun' run!)
2. for the MPs to stop taking over the news with their playground tactics
3. and to win a sunny holiday

What are you 3 wishes?


lisa stubbs said...

to have the Body of Beyonce,
for the Easter Holidays to go on for ever,
and for the spot on my chin to disappear as no amount of 'Touche Eclat' is covering it!..Oh and health to all and world peace of course!!:)

monda-loves said...

1. That I don't have to get up at 4am on Saturday morning - it's too early
2. That I can some get more hours into my day
3. That I understand everything the tutor is talking about on my forthcoming illustrator course - I'm scared!


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