Wednesday, 9 December 2009

A little gift guide from me!

I've still got some shopping to do for Christmas but most presents have been bought!
I'm very proud of myself this year...
with 32 friends and family to buy for I think I've done quite well!

I've done a lot of my shopping's some website tips from me that will hopefully be of some use to last minute shoppers.....
Eclectic Eccentricity is a lovely website with a beautiful range of jewellery at reasonable prices. The delivery is always prompt and beautifully packaged.
These are some of my favourite picks shown above...Light as a Feather bracelet,

I've been a big fan of RE for a while, they have such great products which are more often than not made of re-found and recycled objects.
I've bought the paper snowflakes ready to decorate our home, and we already have a couple of the picture frames shown above made from old tins. They would make a great present...complete with a little personal photo in!
Think a cardboard stag head would make a super gift for a man of any age!

I love todryfor! Their range of teatowels is fantastic! I've bought a few for gifts this year and plan to make some of them into cushions, perfect for friends or family who have recently moved into a new home or are planning to decorate!
Above are some of my favourites...

I love these crayon mugs from Gift Republic, they come in such a large range of fun colours...check them out here. Great price of £5.99 too!

So those are my favourite online shopping tips....along with amazon of course!
How did we ever survive without the ease of Amazon shopping!

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