Wednesday, 30 September 2009

another sunny weekend

(sorry...the weekend post is a little belated)
It was so sunny this weekend in London...I had a great time visiting friends and family.
On sunday I had the pleasure of going to Columbia Road flower market for the first time. It was brilliant, the shops around there are just gorgeous...I could have spent so much money! I restricted myself to a few things...including some plates for my wall at home. This is me in my fav t-shirt and necklace with the start of my plate wall...I want more and more, think its going to be fun adding to this collection!
(1. vintage plate by Hanley, 2. and 3. Melamine plates by Thomas Paul, 4. vintage saucer, 5. plaque by Bjorn Wiinblad)


Kickcan & Conkers said...

Columbia road, isn't that east London? I keep hearing about all kinds of gorgeous shops there; Must go!

About said...

yes east London, we got the bus but I know Liverpool Street tube is a 15/20 minute walk away. Would recommend...very busy on Sunday though due to flower market.


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